Frequently Asked Questions

1- How can Relate support me in enhancing my overall wellbeing?

The quality of our relationships, both with others and with ourselves, is a key factor in determining our overall well-being. The respect, love and understanding we show to ourselves, and our belief in our abilities affect the way we relate to people. There are many skills we can strengthen in order to maintain healthy and happy relationships and contribute to our personal development. This is exactly where Relate comes in! Our primary goal is to increase our users' well-being. For this purpose, we provide you with results from scientific research and tasks that help you apply these results in your daily life. In this way, we provide you with methods that have been scientifically proven countless times to solve your problems and suggestions that will make your daily life easier. When you do all this work, you can start improving your relationships with yourself and those around you.

2- Who can use the app?

We all have difficulties in our relationships with ourselves or others. No matter how different our life circumstances, experiences, places and stories are, we often share common challenges. For this reason, we have prepared journeys on various topics. Our app is designed for everyone aged 18 and over who wants to improve their relationships with themselves and others. We are eagerly waiting to be discovered by you!

3- Which features does premium membership offer?

You can use any of our journeys at any time when you are a premium member. You can access the information you need by reading the daily content in your journey, and put what you have learned into practice by completing the following tasks. You can use the advanced version of mood tracker which provides you questions that will help you understand your emotional world. You can discover and improve yourself with wellbeing goals, gratitude questions, and self-affirmations that change daily!

4- Which features does free membership offer?

You can track your mood on a daily basis, discover yourself and increase your well-being with several wellbeing exercises, gratitude questions, wellbeing goals and self-affirmations. You can also try the journey of your choice for 3 days and get an idea of what awaits you when you become a premium member!

5- What are the premium membership options?

Our membership options are divided into two as monthly and yearly subscription.

6- Who prepares the contents on the Relate App? How can I trust them?

Relate was created by the founders of the Yakın İlişkiler (Close Relationships) project, which aims to inform people about healthy relationships since September 2018. The contents on the Relate App are all being created by psychologists who graduated from successful schools, based on scientific research and the needs of individuals. All in all, you can trust Relate because it's based on scientific research. You can also access the references for each step if you want to learn more.

7- How can I decide which journey to choose?

Relate was made to help with the stuff that gives us headaches in our daily lives and relationships. It's got a journey for everyone, so you can find the one that's perfect for you. Check out the 'Journeys' page to choose one yourself or fill out the Journey Quiz to get a recommendation. Start your journey by choosing the topic that's been most challenging for you lately or that you've wanted to work on for personal growth.

8- Why are the length of the journeys vary between 7 to 30 steps?

As we repeat the same thoughts in our minds, we strengthen their influence and shape our lives accordingly. If we are in a cycle of negative thinking, our life starts to be shaped within this cycle. Relate wants to help you develop a positive and mindful mindset. To get the maximum efficiency from your journey, we have created journeys that are comprised of 7 to 30 steps. If you use the app every day and complete your tasks by reading the content, a 7-step journey takes 7 days and so forth. When you follow the steps for a week or a month and apply the tasks to your life, you will notice the change in yourself. Remember, every journey starts with a single step!

9- Why do I have tasks within each step?

At Relate, each step in the journeys includes the results we have compiled from scientific research. These results and the tasks based on what works are there to help you improve your life. Our expert team develops the tasks by searching what have been proven to work and boost quality of life. To move on with the next step, you need to complete the mandatory tasks and internalize the findings. Skipping tasks reduces the journey's effectiveness.

10- Which tasks work for what?

There are 3 tasks for each step, complementary to each other. The first task is crucial as it guides you to implement what you've learned in the step. We strongly recommend completing this task to get the most out of each step. The second task offers meditative exercises like breathing techniques to help you clear your mind and gain a healthy perspective. It complements the first task and helps you achieve balance. Lastly, the third task offers an array of fun recommendations like movies, books, podcasts, and hobbies to look forward to after completing the first two tasks. We're confident you'll love these tasks and feel motivated to move on to the next step!

11- When can I see the next step after completing one?

We've designed our journeys to guide you through completing one step per day, giving you access to the next step the following day. This way, you can continue to discover new scientific findings and tasks each and every day.

12- How should I use the app and how much time should I spend on it to get the most out of it?

Start by reading the journey steps carefully and doing your best to complete the tasks. They'll help you build the skills you need to succeed!
Don't forget to answer the gratitude questions, complete the wellbeing goals, read the self-affirmations, and practice the wellbeing exercises. These activities are a crucial part of your journey, helping you feel positive and learn more about yourself.
Using the mood tracker to monitor your emotions each day can help you see how much you're growing and changing. The more you use these features, the more you'll get out of the app!
How much time you need to spend on the app can vary from step to step. But we've designed them to be easy to fit into your day. And remember: we update the questions, goals, affirmations, and exercises every 24 hours. So be sure to check in regularly to see what's new!

13- What is a mood tracker? Why should I use it?

We can feel many different emotions at different intensities throughout the day. What we experience evokes certain emotions in us and our emotions often try to give us a message. By monitoring and acknowledging our emotions, we can enhance our self-awareness. The more aware we are of our emotions, the easier it is for us to understand and own them. Instead of swimming in uncertainty, we can more easily recognize situations that make us feel good or bad, and make deliberate decisions about how to handle them. By understanding the reasons behind our emotions and actions, we can cultivate a healthier relationship with ourselves. This process allows us to develop meaningful relationships with others, as we gain clarity on our journey towards personal growth.

14- What are gratitude questions? Why should I answer them?

Numerous studies have shown that taking the time to reflect and write the things and situations we are thankful for has a positive impact on our well-being. The reason for this is quite straightforward: when we write down positive experiences, we bring them back to life in our minds and experience the same emotions we felt at that moment. With regular practice, our mind shifts its focus from negative experiences to positive ones that evoke feelings of joy. By looking back at the things we have written, we realize how many things make life worth living, and this helps us to develop a more positive outlook and find the strength to move forward.

15- What are wellbeing exercises? Why should I practice them?

The wellbeing exercises can help us feel better when we are feeling down. When we need to stay in the moment, relax our body, silence our negative inner voice and practice self-compassion, we can do short-term exercises to help us feel better.

16- Should I log in with an e-mail address and password?

While logging in with your email address and password is not mandatory, it can be advantageous in certain situations, such as when switching devices or deleting the app. To prevent loss of data, it is recommended to save your email address and password in the profile section of the application. By doing so, you can ensure that your information is not deleted if you need to delete or reinstall the app, or switch to a new device.

17- What happens to my data?

All the information you share with Relate is matched with a random number through an algorithm and stored anonymously on the server, where no one can access it. This data can be viewed by our team's User Experience Development Department to provide you with a better and personalized experience without revealing your identity in any way. In other words, the information you share is viewed anonymously without anyone knowing who you are. Based on the information we learn from here, we prepare the content that we think is the most suitable for you! If you have any other questions about this subject, you can read our KVKK text and send us your questions at

18- Are there going to be new journeys added to Relate?

Relate currently offers a diverse range of journeys designed to meet various needs. Our mission is to expand our selection of journeys with monthly updates, enabling us to provide an even more personalized experience. We welcome your feedback and suggestions for new journeys you would like to see on Relate. Please don't hesitate to contact us with your ideas or requests, as we strive to create a platform that meets the unique needs of all our users.

19- I have questions and suggestions for the Relate team. How can I reach you?

You can give us your feedback on the steps by answering the "How was it?" question that appears when you complete the tasks of the steps. You can also always write to us on the contact page of our website or on our Instagram account!