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Did you know that Relate can make your employees feel much better and work more efficiently?

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According to the World Health Organization's 2022 report, one in three workers is negatively affected by stress at work. When we feel stressed, we start to struggle with time management and lose the emotional resilience skills that we normally benefit from. When we are in good psychological health, we are much better able to cope with the stressors that life throws at us, we are much more able to demonstrate our skills, we learn better and we are more productive.

Certainly, unfavorable workplace conditions can have a detrimental impact on our psychological health. As an instance, difficulties in communication within the organization can have an indirect influence on our personal relationships and social interactions. At the same time, challenges beyond our work environment can also pose a threat to our mental well-being. To promote the mental well-being of their team, organizations must consider employees' viewpoints and make changes to their workload, work environment, and communication styles.

Organizations' efforts to improve the workplace increase the employees' sense of gratitude at work. When employees work for companies that care about their well-being and appreciate what they do at work, both their quality of life and their productivity at work increase.

Companies can explore the benefits of the Relate App, which enhances their employees' personal development and mental well-being. With Relate's corporate-specific opportunities, your employees can communicate in a healthier way, deal with their anxiety and anger in a healthier way, start living a healthier life, and develop their time management and leadership skills.

Trust is a key ingredient for fostering healthy relationships in the workplace. Moreover, trust is also very valuable for increasing the loyalty of employees to the company they work for. As employees' commitment to their jobs and the pleasure they derive from their work increases, they can be more creative in their work and come up with more effective solutions to the problems they face. In order to ensure these outcomes, it is necessary for the employees to be able to manage stressful situations in a healthy way, tolerate uncertainty and enhance their emotional intelligence. Instead of waiting for employees to improve themselves, companies can take advantage of the corporate-specific opportunities in the Relate App and offer these opportunities to their employees, which increases their motivation, wellbeing and productivity.

On the other hand, although a fair salary and benefits are important to increase employee motivation, they are not at the top of the list of motivating factors. The most critical factors include giving employees chances for personal growth, offering rewards, treating them with respect, honesty, and support, and creating a joyful work environment. In order to achieve these, it is especially important to work towards protecting the psychological health of employees and increasing the level of happiness in the workplace.

At this point, Relate is an important source of psychological support that organizations can provide to their employees. A Relate subscription does not only give employees the chance for personal growth; but also increases their respect, gratitude and loyalty to their employers and companies. As Relate, we prioritize the mental well-being of your employees, which is why we have developed tailored opportunities for organizations to support their teams.

With Relate, your employees can achieve all these!

  • They can improve their personal development with science-backed insights, at their own pace and in their own spaces, leading to greater satisfaction in their personal and professional lives.
  • By using their own mobile phones, they can monitor their emotions on a daily basis, a practice that has been proven to yield significant benefits by numerous studies.
  • They can acutely increase their wellbeing through gratitude questions, self-affirmations and wellbeing exercises.
  • They can start various journeys such as "Stress Management", "Effective Listening", "Dealing with Uncertainty", "Time Management", "Emotional Intelligence", which are important skills in business life.

If you want your employees to benefit from these opportunities, you can contact us and take advantage of Relate's special opportunities for organizations.