Relate is your mobile companion that provides you scientific content to help you build healthy relationships. In today's world, it's tough to find good advice on how to build healthy relationships that actually last. The journey we started at Yakın İlişkiler (Close Relationships) to overcome this difficulty has led us to produce a mobile application that will increase the wellbeing of users. In the light of our past experiences and scientific search, we have launched the Relate App.

We understand that taking that first step on any journey can be daunting and that is why we all need to feel the support of a trusted companion on our journey. That is why Relate will be with you every step of the way, whether you feel alone, overwhelmed, stressed, sad, scared, or hopeless. And of course, we will be there to celebrate when you feel happy, peaceful, successful, and excited.

To help you feel better and increase your well-being, to build healthier relationships with yourself and the people you care about, to get to know yourself better and gain awareness, you have #RelateByYourSide

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